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Deploying Your IoT Projects with Scalable Services (and Cloud APIs!)

We talk a lot about the "design" and "prototype" phases of IoT development. We’ve answered questions such as “What's it like to get started with cellular IoT?” “How do you securely transfer sensor data to AWS/Azure/GCP?” and “How do you build out a basic cloud dashboard?” While these are important questions to answer, users also ask a lot of questions about scaling their deployments.

In this webinar, you’ll find answers to users’ most common questions about scaling:

  • “How does my cloud platform/dashboard scale as devices are added?”
  • “How do I programmatically access device data through RESTful APIs?”
  • “How do I manage device fleets?”
  • “How do I approach bulk firmware updates?”

We look to answer these questions (and more!) through the lens of the Blues Wireless cloud service, Notehub.io, and a modern IoT platform focused on programmable APIs and scalability, Qubitro.

Webinar Transcript for Deploying Your IoT Projects with Scalable Services (and Cloud APIs!)

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