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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your First Aquatic Sensor - On Demand Webinar

An embedded developer by trade and a hardware engineer by preference, Zak Fields knows his way around a soldering iron. He built a water quality monitoring device that worked great… until mother nature put it to the test. The first design had a handful of mistakes you can easily learn from.

In this webinar Zak debriefs his project and shares his considerations to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Learn how to prevent water ingress using off-the-shelf enclosures, how to transmit your sensor data over cellular without a SIM and archaic modem commands, how to make a data visualization dashboard without coding, and finally how to protect yourself from catastrophic loss.

In this webinar, you will learn four essential lessons:

  1. What to consider when selecting an off-the-shelf enclosure
  2. How to transport data with a snap-in module
  3. How to make a no-code sensor data dashboard
  4. Zak’s advice on where to invest most of your building time

Webinar Transcript for Deploying Your IoT Projects with Scalable Services (and Cloud APIs!)

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