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If there is one thing virtually every IoT solution can use, it’s an engaging (read that: colorful) data dashboard.

example data dashboard

For many of us though, it’s difficult to navigate this path from accumulating raw sensor data to a fully-realized set of cloud-based data visualizations.

This is where Notehub.io can help. Notehub is a Blues Wireless cloud service for viewing event data from Notecard devices and securely routing said data to third-party cloud applications. It’s also useful for orchestrating fleets of devices on a project-by-project basis.

notehub projects

With built-in connectivity to popular cloud providers and IoT platforms, Notehub can actively sync data to your cloud of choice. Whether you are building on top of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, Notehub offers turnkey routing capabilities.

Also, for optimizing and massaging your data before it reaches your cloud application, Notehub utilizes JSONata. With JSONata, you can apply transformations to your data on-the-fly. From the most simple of expressions:

  "value": body.rate,
  "timestamp": body.time
$tds_ppm := function($tds_raw, $temp) {(
  $tds_V := ($mV_3V3_12_bit($tds_raw) / 1000);
  $tds_V_temp_adj := ($tds_V / (1 + 0.02 * ($temp - 25)));
  ((133.42 * $cube($tds_V_temp_adj)) - (255.86 * $square($tds_V_temp_adj))
    "timestamp":(when * 1000)

As we continue to expand the developer resources at dev.blues.io, you’ll find guides and tutorials to help you route data to your preferred cloud destination:

But it’s important to remember Notehub’s utility doesn’t end with routing data!

Notehub can manage OTA Notecard and MCU firmware upgrades, provision role-based access to your IoT projects, and establish key/value pair environment variables to override device configuration settings, sensor behaviors, or store device metadata.

Curious to learn more? We have a step-by-step tutorial that walks through the process of sending data to Notehub using a Notecard and your favorite MCU or Raspberry Pi-compatible SBC.

Once you have an understanding of the Notecard-to-Notehub data flow, we recommend following one of our routing guides.

For a preview of what it’s like to use Notehub, take a look at the video below. Otherwise, head to dev.blues.io to get started on your journey. And don’t forget to visit shop.blues.io to grab your own Notecard development kit.

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