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Discover the Advantage of Building with Blues

For years, IEM innovation and adoption have been stifled by a complicated product development experience and issues like complex and inaccessible wireless technologies.  

But now, with the arrival of Blues’ harmonized wireless cloud data pump, OEMs and developers have a clear and direct route to building their ideal IEM product. Let’s explore how Blues’ has revolutionized IEM development with our simple, secure, scalable, and sustainable approach to cloud-connected intelligence.

Fast-Track Your Time to Market

Reduce your time to market from years to months. 

Blues’ pre-provisioned connectivity and low code technology dramatically simplify the process of developing IEM solutions. 

Harmonized Wireless Architecture

Stop reinventing the wheel by building chip-down designs.

Leverage a spectrum of technologies like cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa — all through a single set of APIs with minimal software and hardware changes when moving between technologies. 

Industry-Leading Security

Don’t put your equipment, data, and customers at risk. 

End-to-end security from devices authenticated through an integrated secure element to dataflows using encrypted communications and VPN tunnels. 

Cloud-Based Firmware Updates

Remote asset management made easy. 

Update an entire fleet of devices with just a few clicks. Notehub enables both cloud-based MCU host and Notecard firmware updates.

Pinpoint Asset Tracking

Locate all your assets in an instant.

We enhance location tracking by combining data from various sources like cell towers, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS to determine the "best location" of a device automatically.

Effortless Data Routing to Any Cloud

Gain unprecedented insight into your products and customers.

Notehub natively supports secure routing to any cloud, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and more — often in a “no code” implementation.

I like working with Blues because it solves several very important problems for me that I no longer have to worry about.

Danny Wilson

Founder & CEO of Geocene

By using the Blues platform, we saved about 12 months of R&D time, getting us to market about a year sooner.

Jamie Fox

Director, Technology & CRM at Tekion