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Rapidly Prototyping Environmental Monitoring IoT Devices - On Demand Webinar

Through the lens of two unique companies, we take a look at the business and engineering of building IoT environmental monitoring solutions. We specifically dive into challenges and solutions for adding wireless connectivity — often a wildcard for remote deployments.

Between cellular, LoRaWAN, and Wi-Fi there are a myriad options and potential pitfalls: physical enclosures, geographic locations, and device portability needs. You’ll walk away with real-world advice for building your next IoT device thanks to the real world experience of Clean Earth Rovers and LimnoTech!

00:00 Intro

03:00 Comparing Wireless IoT Connectivity Options

09:47 Intro to Blues Wireless and the Notecard

14:04 Blues Wireless Technical Demo

24:10 Clean Earth Rovers Story

38:06 LimnoTech Story

50:20 Wrap Up and Q&A

Webinar Transcript - Rapidly Prototyping Environmental Monitoring IoT Devices

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