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Global Asset Tracking with a Cellular Notecard and Datacake - On Demand Webinar

As the IoT has matured to become an industry of its own, asset tracking has emerged as one of the most useful and pragmatic use cases. Whether it's a simple GPS tracking device or as complex as monitoring global supply chains, implementing an accurate, low-power system is critical.

In this webinar we go through the details for building your own asset tracker with cellular network connectivity and a dashboard. We covered project components including hardware, data routing, and data visualization.

00:00 — Introduction to Blues Wireless and the Notecard

10:54 — Setting up a Standalone Asset Tracker

23:53 — Setting up a Dashboard in Datacake

31:11 — Setting up a Route in Notehub

37:28 — LoFi LoJack with Paige

44:28 — Where in Michigan is TJ?

53:35 — Resources and Q&A

Webinar Transcript - Global Asset Tracking with a Cellular Notecard and Datacake

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