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Use Cases For Wireless IoT

Blues Wireless is the fastest way to connect your device to your cloud. How fast? In 30 minutes or less, you can unbox our product and send arbitrary sensor data over a global cellular IoT network. Browse some specific use cases of our technology and see how easy it is to build a prototype or proof-of-concept device.

The Simple Way to Retrofit Your Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with IoT

IoT in Water Management with Smart Water Quality Monitors

Connecting Legacy Systems to the IoT

Smart Farming with IoT and Machine Learning

Building a GPS Asset Tracking Device

Machine Learning for Smart City Traffic Management

Building an IoT Heatmapping Device

Building an IoT Remote Control Device

Improving Worker Safety with IoT Stress Monitors

Monitoring Analog Tank Sensors at the Edge with TinyML

Remote Condition Monitoring with IoT and SMS Alerts

We’re making Massive IoT implementation quick and easy.

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