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Only pay for what you use with consumption-based pricing


with measured usage

What’s Included:

  • Usage is measured by 1 consumption credit per event
  • Bi-directional data routing to any cloud application
  • Plug-and-play JSON interface
  • Remote device management
  • Encrypted “off the internet” communications**
  • Over-the-air firmware updates for both Notecard and an external MCU
  • Connectivity Assurance
  • Forum Support


Enhanced automation and control for scaling projects

$250 monthly
or $2,550 annually
with usage included*

Up to 250 Devices
$1 per additional device per month

Everything on Essentials, plus:

  • 90-day event history
  • Map View, including journey tracking
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Amazon S3 Archive Service

Analyze & Scale

Advanced analytics and intelligence for projects operating at scale

$750 monthly
or $7,650 annually
with usage included*

Up to 1000 Devices
$.75  per additional device per month

Everything on Development, plus:

  • Snowflake-powered analyses via Snowpipe integration
  • Access to future analytics features (coming soon)!


Custom pricing, centralized billing, and direct data center connectivity

Contact us for customized plans with discounts based on volume 

Talk to an Expert

Everything on Analyze & Scale, plus:

  • VPN access to Notehub via AWS PrivateLink or DirectConnect
  • Custom per device pricing

*If each of your devices will consume more than 5,000 events per month on average, contact us to get on a custom-built Enterprise plan

**Cellular and Satellite communications are encrypted and occur off-internet. Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN traffic are also encrypted but traverse the internet.


Forum-based support for ad-hoc issues



What’s Included:

  • Within 3 business days response time SLA
  • Troubleshooting and connectivity analysis


Exceptional personalized support offered via email and a dedicated portal

$250 monthly

or $2,550 annually


Everything in Forum, plus:

  • Within 1 full business day response time SLA
  • 4-hours of solution architecture phone consultation
  • Notehub project and fleet configuration support
  • MinSpin PCB design review
  • Reviews of solution architecture, code security, and more


Superior personalized support offered via phone, email, a dedicated Slack channel, and portal

$1,000 monthly

or $10,200 annually


Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Within 4 hours response time SLA
  • Assigned technical account manager
  • Complimentary on-site POC Workshop

Not sure which plan is right for your project?

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