Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

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Benefits of using Blues

  • Freedom from subscriptions, contracts, and monthly per-device fees
  • Prepaid Cellular Data - 500MB for free (adding more is easy and inexpensive)
  • Cellular connectivity in 137+ Countries
  • Complete device-to-your-cloud data flow in both directions
  • Scalable to millions of devices
  • Use your preferred microcontrollers, hardware, and cloud vendors


Read about how Evexia uses Blues to help monitor patients in remote areas of the Caribbean.

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Find out how AgroTech uses Blues to remotely monitor their greenhouses. ag use case

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American Crane & Equipment Corporation uses Blues to cut costs by 10x for their smart crane equipment.

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What our customers say

Blues is 'full stack' done right. They have a complete solution designed from the ground up to promote creativity by allowing developers to focus on their application instead of the plumbing.

Francois Koutchouk

Founder, Evexia Telehealth

The Blues Wireless API schema definition using JSON for structured and unstructured data packets allow us to build a robust and scalable platform independent code base that follows good software design paradigms.

Alex Fosdick

Sr Embedded Software Eng, Smart Coffee Technology

The Blues Wireless Notecard is a game changer for IIoT-enabled companies that need global connectivity to intelligent assets in motion.

Eric Bodnar

Founder and CTO, Velvetwire

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