Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

Blues cleared an obstacle that’s been stifling innovation for decades. 

The connectivity space has long struggled with overly complicated ecosystems that didn’t deliver the solutions customers demanded. 

Wireless customers, especially global enterprises, operate in a wide range of environments that require a spectrum of connectivity technologies like cellular, Wi-Fi, and Long-Range [LoRa].  

But as they built products around these technologies, they quickly hit a roadblock… 

They had to reinvent the wheel every time they wanted to leverage a connectivity technology and integrate it into a product’s design.  

On September 20, we cleared this obstacle by delivering a comprehensive line of connected devices within an interchangeable harmonized ecosystem. 

How did we do it? Read on to find out. 

We’ll unpack the concept of wireless harmonization, discuss how a lack of it has hampered connected product development, and explain how our enhanced line of Notecards has transformed the connectivity landscape.  


Understanding Wireless Harmonization  

The Connectivity Roadblock 

A disjointed approach to wireless has caused connected product development to be cumbersome, costly, and chaotic.  

The space lacked a unified, harmonious wireless ecosystem, so projects were forced to start from the ground up for every new connectivity technology they wanted to leverage.  

To make matters worse, projects were bogged down by expensive telecommunications contracts and complicated wireless protocols. 

The result? 

An industry that spent more time establishing connectivity than it did building game-changing products. 

This didn’t make sense to us… 

Clearing the Road for Innovation 

In 2018, we flipped this paradigm by creating the Notecard and Notehub.  

The concept was to simplify wireless through a single device with out-of-the-box connectivity, partner it with Notehub, a cloud solution to easily manage and route your data to your cloud application of choice via a novel no-code approach, and eliminate the need to build this complicated workflow from the ground up. 

Fast forward to today, and we continue to shatter this paradigm by achieving wireless harmonization. 

A New Era for Intelligent Products 

Wireless harmonization is when a single wireless communications ecosystem seamlessly supports multiple connectivity technologies like cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa.  

When wireless harmonization is achieved, an ecosystem’s hardware is interchangeable, and its connectivity is global. This means you can create a solution leveraging a spectrum of connectivity technologies with minimal design or software changes.  

In essence, when you create a solution for 1 connectivity technology, you’ve created a solution for multiple connectivity technologies. 

This critical innovation catapults the world of connectivity into a new era and empowers industries to build the next wave of data-driven intelligent products.  

With the expansion of our Notecard offering, Blues has cleared a critical obstacle, creating a world where enterprises can tackle connectivity as a whole rather than 1 by 1. 


A Comprehensive Line of Notecards 

The Notecard changed the game by packaging everything needed to build intelligent cloud-connected products into a single solution.  

With the launch of our expanded line of Notecards, we’ve created a suite of connected devices that cover a wide range of connectivity technologies within an interchangeable, harmonized ecosystem. 

Our new product offerings include a Notecard Cell+WiFi, a  Notecard LoRa, and a Chips Edition (Wi-Fi or Lora) Notecard.  

These are an addition to our existing Notecard Cellular and Notecard WiFi. 

Let’s take a look at what each of these new devices brings to the table… 

The Notecard Cell+WiFi 

 This System-on-Module [SoM] includes dual cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity with a failover feature that automatically switches to the fallback network during network disruption. It comes in various coverage options, including wideband (CAT-1) or narrowband (CAT-M and NB-IoT) connectivity paired with a Global, North American, or European coverage model. Following our endeavor to simplify connectivity, we abstract the need to deal with AT commands and instead build a novel JSON interface that is shared across all other Notecards making it a near plug-and-play experience. 


The Notecard LoRa  

We combined our industry-leading security, cloud orchestration platform, and expertise in low-power design with the ultimate in low-power design, a LoRa SoM. This makes the LoRa Notecard ideal for scenarios that use low amounts of data, areas where cellular coverage isn’t present, such as rural areas, or solutions that need to rely solely on battery power for years at a time. 


The Notecard WiFi Chips Edition 

Experience unparalleled design autonomy with our Notecard WiFi Chips Edition. Blues packaged low-power architecture, market-leading security, and Wi-Fi connectivity into individual chips. These chips allow you to own the design process by giving you the essential components to establish connectivity in a compact solution. 


The Notecard LoRa Chips Edition 

The Notecard LoRa Chips Edition transforms even the most cost-sensitive, space-constrained projects into data-driven intelligent products. Designed to be easily integrated into mass-produced products, Blues packaged LoRa connectivity into a single compact 7mm x 7mm device 


Experience IoT Like it Should Be 

As part of our emphasis on developing interchangeable architecture, no matter which Notecard you select, you’ll still experience the same unmatched engineering experience with our plug-and-play JSON interface, access to Notehub, our cloud orchestration layer, and devices that arrive pre-provisioned. 

Not sure which solution is right for you? Talk to an Expert 


Unlock a New Level of Functionality 

Packaged in all of our Notecards is a set of features designed to unlock new functionality and intelligence in your products.  

These features will help you scale faster, transform your products into “as a service” revenue drivers, optimize resource allocation, and increase visibility. 

Here are some powerful features we’ve wrapped into our Notecards… 


Wi-Fi Triangulation 

When GPS is unavailable, or you are using a Wi-Fi only Notecard, our Wi-Fi Triangulation feature can determine your device’s location, even indoors, with as little as a single access point.  

Included In: Notecard Cell+WiFi, Notecard WiFi, and Notecard WiFi Chips Edition. 


Dynamic Network Failover 

The Notecard Cell+WiFi can automatically failover from the primary to the failover network in the event of disruption, giving you unprecedented reliability and redundancy. 

Included In: The Notecard Cell+WiFi  


Go Global with a Range of Coverage Options 

The Notecard Cell+WiFi support a range of either wideband (CAT-1) or narrowband (CAT-M and NB-IoT) connectivity that’s paired with a Global or Regional (North America or Europe) coverage model. 

Included In: The Notecard Cell+WiFi  


Dual Embedded SIM Capability  

Increase your coverage by selecting a Notecard Cell+WiFi with a dual embedded SIM option to expand your coverage to additional countries to improve reliability and carrier support. 

Included In: The Notecard Cell+WiFi  


Ultra-Low Power Consumption  

Have devices located in hard-to-reach remote locations? 

Operate for years on a battery and even extend battery life with sleep mode, which can wake the device up for programmable events. 

Included In: The Notecard LoRa and Notecard LoRa Chips Edition 


Precise GPS Location Tracking  

Track your products with pinpoint accuracy through a GNSS/GPS module that enables tracking mobile assets when located in populated areas. 

Included In: Notecard Dual Cell+WiFi  and Notecard Cellular 


Industry Leading Security 

The Notecard features robust security through encrypted “off the internet” communications and pre-loaded certificates for device authentication through our integrated secure element.  

Included In: All Notecards except the Notecard LoRa Chips Edition have an integrated secure element 


Discover What’s Possible with Blues 

The Blues Notecard ecosystem has cleared the road for enterprises to innovate and unlock the true potential of their products.  If you’re ready to transform your physical products into data-driven, intelligent services, talk to one of our experts. 

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