Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

“Blues exceeded our expectations, perfectly aligning with the evolving needs of contemporary mobility companies.” – Bob Vroegh, Head of VROEGH Design.

VROEGH Design is a major player in the micro mobility industry, serving as an outsourced R&D department providing design and engineering support to a diverse array of products, including e-bikes, cargo bikes, and e-scooters.

Together with Blues, VROEGH is developing the future of transportation by embedding cloud-connectivity in micro mobility vehicles. VROEGH’s innovative micro mobility design will be showcased at Blues’ CES 2024 booth #10770, in the IoT Infrastructure section within the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Stop by our booth to discover how cloud-connected intelligence is reshaping everything from transportation to agricultural and industrial equipment and just about everything in between!


Creating the Future of Transportation

In 2014, VROEGH Design set out to reshape the micro mobility landscape. With a vision to blend innovation and practicality, they delved into the world of light electric vehicles, crafting solutions that promised to redefine urban mobility.

When Cleantron tapped VROEGH for help developing their Circular e-bike batteries, the company recognized the opportunity created by embedding a cloud-connected battery management system (BMS) into these batteries. However, they struggled to find the right technology to connect the battery to the cloud.

The integration needed to be as flexible as it was robust, adaptable to various e-bike models, and economical enough for broad implementation. This is the exact type of challenge Blues’ wireless cloud data pump was created to solve.


A Breakthrough in Micro Mobility Connectivity

VROEGH integrated Blues’ wireless cloud data pump into their battery’s design to build a revolutionary BMS.

They embedded the Notecard, a compact yet powerful connected system-on-module (SOM), into their battery by connecting it to a variety of components and sensors.

Now that the Notecard was capturing numerous data points about the battery’s condition, location, and performance, it began to relay this data to the cloud through Notehub, Blues’ cloud orchestration layer. This implementation enabled real-time battery management and monitoring while delivering an unparalleled rider experience.


Harnessing the Power of Cloud-Connected Experiences

The integration of these technologies into e-bike batteries comes with benefits for both the bike brand and its customers:

    • Improved Real-time Monitoring: Batteries can now communicate critical data in real-time. They relay information integral to keeping the e-bikes safe and running, including battery health, temperature, voltage, current, and state of charge.
    • Enhanced Battery Performance: The continuous data collection helps optimize the battery performance, ensuring longer life and better sustainability while giving the manufacturer insight into how they can improve future designs.
    • Superior Manufacturer Experience: The integration allows end users and manufacturers to track and manage the battery’s performance more effectively, enhancing reliability and usability.
    • Scalability and Ease of Use: Blues’ wireless cloud data pump’s plug-and-play functionality allows businesses to develop innovative cloud-connected applications in months, not years.
    • Proactive Vehicle Maintenance: The integration notably enhances end-user engagement, enabling them to monitor and maintain their e-bike batteries proactively. Proactive monitoring allows users to identify and address potential battery issues early, effectively preventing wear and extending the battery’s operational lifespan.
    • Misuse Detection: A notable feature of the integration is the ability to detect and report potential misuse of the batteries. This safeguard protects the batteries from premature degradation and catastrophic failures that could lead to fires, injuries, and lawsuits.
    • Sustainability Boost: The project contributes to sustainability efforts in the micro mobility sector by improving battery lifespan and usage. Longer-lasting batteries mean reduced waste and a smaller environmental footprint.


Visit Blues and VROEGH Design at CES 2024

The development of this BMS is the beginning of a unique partnership between Blues and VROEGH Design that will tremendously impact micro mobility and beyond.

As Bob Vroegh, Head of VROEGH Design, put it…

“I would love a bike to be able to send a message to the owner — Hey, we sense that your ebike motor has more resistance than we would expect. Let’s go to our service mechanic at [address] for a check. He is available at [option A,B,C]. IoT and Blues can make that happen.”

Discover firsthand how the partnership between VROEGH Design and Blues catalyzes a transformative wave in the micro mobility landscape by visiting us at CES 2024!

At our booth, you’ll find products designed by VROEGH on display, a host of Blues products showcased, two interactive demos, nineteen products built with Blues from just about every industry, and, of course, the famous Blues Café serving complimentary espresso, coffee, and water.

If you’re attending CES 2024, stop by booth #10770 in the IoT Infrastructure Section within the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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