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“Geocene settled on using Blues because of their global connectivity and Blues’ great developer-centric ecosystem and ethos,” – Danny Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO, Geocene. 

Geocene, a trailblazer in low-power connected devices, is dedicated to developing robust sensors to solve some of the most challenging problems faced around the world. At the heart of their success is a partnership with Blues, a collaboration that allows their sensors to thrive in environments where other technologies falter.

 The capabilities of Geocene and Blues’ partnership will be showcased at our CES booth, #10770, in the IoT Infrastructure section within the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Stop by to see the next generation of cloud-connected sensors. 


Wireless Innovation for Ocean Data

Geocene, born out of Danny Wilson’s PhD research at UC Berkeley, specializes in developing versatile IoT data-logging sensors. Its mission: democratize IoT technology by making wireless sensor deployment and data analysis accessible to all. Geocene’s innovative sensors have proved crucial in challenging environments.  

Geocene first engaged Blues when they were implementing cellular connectivity for Sofar Ocean’s Spotter platform. The platform collects surface and subsurface data, such as wave spectra, wind, pressure, and temperature, and transmits it in real-time from anywhere in the ocean.

The Spotter platform’s historical reliance on satellite connectivity to send observations, however, created unnecessary cost and bandwidth limitations for some users, particularly those with devices moored just offshore. In these areas, having a reliable cellular service makes satellite connectivity redundant.  

Geocene found a powerful solution when they reached out to Blues and learned about our plug-and-play global connectivity capability. In just a few months, Geocene successfully integrated Blues’ wireless cloud data pump into the Spotter platform.

The pre-provisioned Notecard integrated seamlessly with the Spotter platform’s existing hardware and software, resulting in reliable cellular connectivity in record time. Today, the Spotter platform outperforms competitors by offering more frequent data sampling, global cellular connectivity, and secure data transmission at a lower cost than other devices that rely solely on satellites.


Ongoing Connectivity, Efficiency, and Reliability

The integration of Notecard and Notehub into Geocene’s products marked a turning point in the company’s ability to tackle complex connectivity challenges.  

Take, for example, Wedgworth’s IoT-connected fertilizer trailer sensor, the BrewBot. Geocene developed the BrewBot sensor system for their Killebrew fertilizer trailers. This sensor detects when bins are emptied, prompting timely trailer pickups. 

By integrating Blues, the BrewBot now streamlines the process of trailer pickups, with an estimated operational efficiency improvement of up to 20%. This enhancement aims to optimize logistics and translate into considerable financial benefits for Wedgworth. 

“Honestly, it is the best experience I have ever had working with any group,” —Patrick, Engineer, Wedgworth. 

Today, Geocene partners with Blues for all the cellular solutions they build for clients. They enjoy: 

  • Global connectivity: The Notecard’s ability to support a spectrum of radio access technologies ensures Geocene’s sensors can be deployed in a wide-range of environments.
  • Developer-centric ecosystem: Blues’ focus on creating a developer-friendly environment resonated with Geocene’s ethos. The simplicity and flexibility of the Notecard and Notehub allowed Geocene to focus on application-specific challenges instead of wireless connectivity. 
  • Data management and security: With Notehub’s robust data routing to the cloud and scalable remote management capabilities, Geocene’s solutions can efficiently process large volumes of sensor-generated data. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: The modular nature of Notecard and the comprehensive service offerings of Notehub provided Geocene with the scalability needed for its diverse range of projects. 


Visit Us at CES to Create a More Connected World

The partnership between Geocene and Blues has reshaped data collection in challenging environments and transformed how companies like Sofar Ocean and Wedgworth operate. Geocene has delivered innovative IoT applications that significantly improve operational efficiency and data management by leveraging Blues’ wireless cloud data pump – resulting in more bottom-line revenue for Geocene and its clients.  

“Since working on Sofar, Geocene has continued to build successful cellular solutions in partnership with Blues,” —Danny Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO, Geocene. 

Discover the future of wireless connectivity with Blues at CES 2024. 

 Visit Blues and Geocene at booth #10770 in the IoT Infrastructure Section, within the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2024.  Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with our experts, explore what’s possible with Blues, and take the first step towards transforming your products into data-driven intelligent services. 

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