Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

From Device to Cloud Dashboard with Cellular IoT - On Demand Webinar

Building a cellular IoT device can burn through development cycles depending on the choices made throughout the process. The main consideration when it comes to both device communication and data visualization is one of build vs. buy.

In this webinar, IoT experts from Blues Wireless and Ubidots guide developers through a typical journey from device to cloud. Using the snap-in cellular capabilities of the Blues Wireless Notecard and the data visualization platform provided by Ubidots, building an IoT device with advanced features and capabilities can be done in less than a day.

00:00 — Intro

03:50 — Blues Wireless Overview

13:26 — Blues Wireless Notecard Quickstart

19:38 — Routing Notecard Data to Ubidots

27:10 — Ubidots Dashboard

34:00 — Ubidots Free Trial

34:50 — Outro

Webinar Transcript - From Device to Cloud Dashboard with Cellular IoT

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