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The final dashboard Irak built

Irak Mayer wanted to map out his yard for potential lawn-mowing automation. To do so, he needed a system that could capture geospatial features (trees, driveway, etc), signal strength and location, and then transmit that data to a cloud service.

Irak ended up using an Adafruit Feather Wing Ultimate GPS for capturing precise location, and a Wi-Fi Notecard to send that data up to Adafruit.io for displaying on a map.

The final dashboard Irak built

Additionally, Irak set up a Feather Wing Doubler so he could run connect two feather boards to a Notecarrier-AF. He used this to hook up both a Feather M0 RFM69 for processing, and a Feather Wing OLED for a visual status display as he was mapping his yard.

The Feather Wing Doubler in action

Overall, the project is an interesting example of using the Notecard to help map out and tag a property. If this sounds interesting, make sure to check out Irak’s full writeup on Hackster.

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