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React Developer Leaves Homemade GPS Asset Tracker in Car - On Demand Webinar

In this episode of the Niedringhaus effect, Paige Niedringhaus explains what happened when thieves stole her parents’ car from their driveway with her homemade asset tracker in the back seat. Paige built her asset tracker with hardware from Blues Wireless and used React to build a custom dashboard. Paige is a staff software developer with Blues Wireless, and she primarily focuses on building and maintaining React and JavaScript applications. She built her asset tracker as a fun project to get more familiar with Blues hardware. She never imagined it would become the centerpiece of a true-crime drama starring her parents’ Subaru, a React dashboard, and the St. Louis police department.

You can find a deep dive of this material on the Blues Wireless blog.

Webinar Transcript - React Developer Leaves Homemade GPS Asset Tracker in Car. Car gets stolen.