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Evexia Telehealth and Blues: Advancing Caribbean Medicine

"The Blues system encapsulates the sensor data portion of our hardware product all the way through to our cloud. By offloading the complexity of moving sensor data over cellular networks, we get to market faster and there is less that can go wrong."

No Patient Left Behind

WitWhen you think of the Caribbean, you probably picture a relaxed tropical paradise with creamy-white beaches and lush vegetation - a vacationer’s dream. But the unparalleled natural beauty tells only half the story of these US Territories. The other half is told by the deep rates of poverty and high rates of chronic health conditions that make Caribbean residents some of our most vulnerable populations.

Patients lack regular health monitoring, making telehealth the best way for providers to deliver care. The problem? Telehealth requires internet, infrastructure, and technological literacy that’s not available to those living in poverty in the Caribbean.

This didn’t sit right with Evexia Telehealth, so they set out to develop a ​remote patient monitoring [RPM] solution for patients left behind by today’s telehealth products. They created Evexia Gateway, a simple end-to-end RPM product, powered by Blues’ Notecard and Notehub.

The Evexia Gateway is a bidirectional device that transmits data from patient equipment to the cloud and keeps the patient engaged with their healthcare provider.

By accessing the patient’s data in the cloud, a provider can monitor the patient’s health trends and potentially take action. They assign healthcare managers to make care recommendations, and the portal can call, set up a video consultation, or escalate it to an in-person visit.

Blues’ Notecard software brought all information of the Gateway, from the hardware all the way to the cloud, in a single interface. The simple interface makes it easier to pinpoint issues and this helped Evexia Telehealth to focus on medical data as opposed to technical troubleshooting.

Support Without Boundaries: Quality Healthcare Monitoring With Blues’ Notecard and Notehub

Before finding Blues, Evexia Telehealth spent 5 years searching for a solution, running into roadblocks including inadequate coverage and data plans along the way. They were facing adverse environmental conditions like heat, power surges, and little to no cellular service. This journey lead them to the Blues' Notecard and Notehub, which proved pivotal in Evexia’s quest to revolutionized the healthcare landscape.

Reliability: The Blues Advantage

To ensure the reliability of healthcare data transmission, they needed a cellular solution that could thrive in diverse geographical areas across the Caribbean. For 6 months, Evexia Telehealth field-tested Notecard in different regions, from bustling urban centers to remote communities. The results were consistently exceptional.

The Notecard emerged with unprecedented reliability , picking up cellular signals even in the most challenging environments. This was the breakthrough Evexia Telehealth was looking for. This level of reliability ensured that critical patient data always made its way safely to the cloud.

The key was a seamless integration between the Notecard’s hardware and Notehub’s software that made it easy to identify and resolve issues promptly.

A Partner in Secure Development

The Notecard's unique attributes, such as low power consumption and a secure embedded SIM, make it an ideal fit for Evexia’s healthcare solution. It provided a strong foundation for building the Evexia Gateway, allowing them to focus on, ratherlding a game-changing RPM application, not wrangling wireless complexity.

Development capabilities were also a critical consideration for Evexia Telehealth. Their product relies on knowing immediately when the Gateway is experiencing technical difficulties, such as a patient’s vital sign data not uploading to the portal or messages from the provider not syncing. Until they partnered with Blues, the cost of development support alone made the technology unattainable for patients.

Safe and Dependable Cloud Connectivity

By packaging reliable wireless connectivity into the Notecard and seamlessly integrating it with Notehub, a cloud orchestration layer, Blues built a secure foundation for constant healthcare monitoring. Notecard and Notehub have been the linchpins of a healthcare revolution in the Caribbean. They have redefined what's possible in delivering remote healthcare services to underserved populations, simplifying the complexities and reducing the cost of support. These technologies made the Evexia Gateway a beacon of hope for Caribbean patients.

Blues’ RPM Connectivity: A Promise for Better Healthcare

Partner with Blues for safe, secure, and reliable remote patient monitoring connectivity. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, and will remain at your service for the lifetime of your product. Reach out to us today to get started.

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