Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

Discover the Blueprint for IIoT Success

In this detailed case study, you will uncover how Prodigy harnessed Blues' cutting-edge technology to accelerate product development cycles. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find:

What’s Inside:

- Strategies to Accelerate Development: Learn the specific methodologies Prodigy employed to speed up their development processes.

- Key Benefits of Blues' Connectivity Solutions: Understand how Blues’ plug-and-play technology simplifies device-to-cloud connectivity.

- Overcoming Common IIoT Hurdles: Gain insights into practical solutions to tackle typical IIoT development pitfalls.

- Real-World Results and Future Plans: See the real-world impact of our partnership and how you can partner with Blues to write your own success story. 

"Partnering with Blues has been a game-changer for Prodigy. Their plug-and-play connectivity solutions have allowed us to rapidly integrate robust IoT capabilities into our product designs without the traditional complexity.

“We can now deliver smarter, more interconnected products to our clients faster than ever before. Blues' commitment to innovation and customer success aligns perfectly with our own mission to transform industries through cutting-edge technology."

                   — David Mackenzie, VP of Product Development at Prodigy.

Meet Blues and Prodigy

Blues is at the forefront of wireless connectivity innovation with a turnkey connectivity solution that dramatically simplifies the process of developing connected products.

Over 900 companies have used Blues to transform their industrial equipment, agriculture products, energy monitoring solutions, and more into intelligent data-driven services.  

Founded in 1986, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Prodigy is a leading product development firm optimized for delivering innovation at speed.

With a strong reputation for client collaboration and some of the industry’s highest ratings for client experience, Prodigy has built a talented team and efficient development process that delivers groundbreaking products in less time.

Blues is a Win-Win for Our Partners and Their Customers

At the heart of this successful partnership are significant benefits for both Prodigy and its clients. Here’s a closer look at how this collaboration is a win-win for both our partners and their customers:


Benefits for Our Partners...

Accelerated Development Cycles

By leveraging Blues' turnkey solutions, our partners can prototype, test, and develop faster than ever before.

Increased Project Capacity

Our partners can handle more projects with shorter development cycles, boosting efficiency and growth.

Strengthened Market Position

The ability to deliver cutting-edge products rapidly strengthens our partner’s position in the market as a reliable and innovative service provider.

Flexible Development

Blues’ multi-radio access technology platforms enable partners to pivot quickly and adapt to shifting product requirements.

Enhanced Revenue Growth

By leveraging Blues' turnkey solutions, our partners can prototype, test, and develop faster than ever before.

...And Their Customers

Focus on Your Product, Not Connectivity

With the burden of complex connectivity lifted, customers can focus more on innovating their core product features and functionalities.

Cost Savings

Reduced development time translates into lower costs for our partner’s customers. They save on both direct development expenses and the opportunity costs associated with delayed market entry.

Faster Time-to-Market

Our partner's customers stay ahead of competitors and capture market share more quickly, leading to increased revenues.

Turnkey Device to Cloud Connectivity

Blues’ device-to-cloud wireless data pump is powered by two components that work in concert together: The Notecard and Notehub.

Together, they provide a comprehensive solution, equipping you with everything you need to capture sensor or product data and effortlessly route it to any cloud application where it can be transformed into valuable services.

The Notecard

A System-on-Module with pre-provisioned connectivity, real-time tracking, low-power design, and top-tier security.

Available in multiple technologies like cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and satellite, all using the same APIs, hardware design, and software architecture.

Features pre-provisioned connectivity and a low-code JSON interface.

Device authentication through an integrated secure element.

Precise multi-source asset tracking.


Notehub is our cloud orchestration layer that facilitates seamless bi-directional data routing from any Notecard to any cloud application.

Effortlessly and securely route device data to any cloud application.

Provision and authenticate devices at scale with ease.

Deploy OTA firmware updates to Notecard, device, or host MCU.

Tools like Map View, Alerts, Private Connectivity, a Snowpipe integration, and more to enhance your deployment.

How it Works


Add the Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Configure all Notecards with the same plug-and-play hardware and firmware interface.


With Notehub, enjoy secure bi-directional data flow between your device and your cloud app.

Hear Why Our Partners & Customers Build with Blues

I like working with Blues because it solves several very important problems for me that I no longer have to worry about.

Danny Wilson

Founder & CEO of Geocene

By using the Blues platform, we saved about 12 months of R&D time, getting us to market about a year sooner.

Jamie Fox

Director, Technology & CRM at Tekion