Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

As the IoT has matured from blinking LEDs to becoming an established industry of its own, global asset tracking has emerged as one of the most useful and pragmatic use cases.

Whether it’s as simple as tracking a cross-country road trip or as complex as monitoring global medical supply shipments, implementing an accurate, low-power asset tracking system is critical.

Recently we dove into Mastering Global Asset Tracking with a Cellular Notecard and Datacake. We covered topics such as:

Building a cellular-powered global asset tracker with (and without!) a host MCU
Pumping location and sensor data to a Datacake dashboard, showing off new mapping features
Supplementing GPS location data with custom sensor data
And sending one of our speakers on the road for a live demo!
You can watch the replay here and simply start building your own asset tracker with any Blues Wireless Notecard and Notecarrier!

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