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A hosted service for securely routing Notecard data to your cloud application of choice. Manage fleets of devices, update host and Notecard firmware over-the-air.

Ubidots, Google Cloud, ThingSpeak, Azure, Datacake, AWS, Initial State

Sync data with any cloud application natively supports secure routing of data to AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and numerous other IoT cloud platforms. Notecard events are JSON, so can filter and optimize them to your specifications using our routing templates and transformations.

Secure communications by default

From device-to-cloud, your data is secure with Notecard and Devices are authenticated with secure element keys, and data flows though TLS using encrypted “off the internet” communications and VPN tunnels.

Cloud-based firmware updates

Eliminate the hassle of remote DFU. allows for both cloud-based MCU host and Notecard firmware updates. Update a single device or an entire fleet with the click of a button.

Remote fleet management

Manage and monitor separate fleets of devices in real-time. Configure shared settings at the device, project, and fleet levels. Provision role-based access to collaborators on a project-by-project basis.

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