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Blues Introduces Swan to Accelerate IoT Development Journey

Blues Wireless Introduces Swan, A Companion to its Cellular Notecard, to Accelerate IoT Development Journey


Low-Cost Feather-Compatible Board Delivers Unprecedented Capabilities  

BOSTON, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blues Wireless, a leading provider of embedded cellular solutions, today announced the general availability of Swan, a low-cost embeddable STM32L4+ based microcontroller board designed to accelerate the development and deployment of battery-powered IoT solutions.  It is especially useful for applications requiring large memory or a high degree of I/O expandability at an affordable cost, such as edge-based inferencing and remote monitoring. Acting in this role, Swan is designed to be the ideal companion to Blues’s Notecard.

Uniquely for Feather-compatible boards, Swan is designed to satisfy developers’ needs that span from early prototyping through high-volume deployment.  Developers may begin to use Swan in conjunction with Adafruit’s myriad sensors and FeatherWing-compatible carriers. Due to its novel design, for high-volume deployment the low-cost Swan can also be soldered directly to a ‘parent’ PCB integrating those sensors, utilizing the full range of Swan’s I/O capabilities.


Based on the powerful STM32L4R5 microcontroller operating at up to 120Mhz, Swan provides developers access to 640KB of RAM, 2MB of flash, and 55 general purpose I/O ports including 8 analog, 16 digital, one SPI, one Quad SPI, two I2C, 4 UART, and one USB. The board has three independent power options – USB, Battery, or Line power – and provides a software-switchable 2 Amp regulator for powering external sensors. When operating in its low-power operating mode, the entire Swan board commonly draws only about 8uA while retaining all of its memory, making it quite suitable for battery-powered devices. Swan features support for C/C++, Arduino, and CircuitPython, and includes a CORTEX Debug connector enabling the use of advanced development environments such as Visual Studio Code, IAR, and STM32CubeIDE.

The Swan is available from shop.blues.io in the single-unit Swan Starter Kit and the Swan Edition of the Notecard Starter Kit for Feather. When paired with a Notecard and with a MOQ, Swan is available below $20, delivered in trays directly to your contract manufacturer.

“While building Notecard-based remote monitoring solutions, customers have repeatedly asked us for recommendations that might help accelerate their creation of highly intelligent battery-powered devices,” said Ray Ozzie, founder, and CEO of Blues Wireless. “To them, there are many impediments. Our core mission is to help them reduce the time from concept-to-deployment and concept-to-value. Swan, as with Notecard, is a unique solution that will accelerate their journey and get them to delivery and scale with enterprise-class security, quality, and robustness.”

Blues Wireless announced the general availability of Swan on September 29th, 2021, at the Edge Impulse Imagine conference, to a worldwide audience both in-person and attending virtually.

Blues Wireless released the Notecard in late 2020.

About Blues Wireless
Founded in 2019, Blues Wireless is the creator of Notecard, the fastest and most cost-effective way to add wireless connectivity to any product. Notecard is a highly secure system on a module (SoM) with embedded 10-year global connectivity that allows any developer to send data from remote assets using JSON and just two lines of code. The data is routed to the cloud applications of customers’ choice, again using simple JSON and REST. Blues’s customers represent leading and innovative companies spanning agriculture, automotive, construction, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, cold chain, transportation, and logistics. Use cases range from simple tracking and remote monitoring to edge analytics and remote control. Blues is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Please connect with us at hello@blues.com or visit blues.io for more information.