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Blues Announces New Features and Tiered Pricing Model for Flagship SaaS Product Notehub 

Blues Announces New Features and Tiered Pricing Model for Flagship SaaS Product Notehub  

Addition of location visualization view, customizable alerts, advanced analytics, privacy tools and predictable monthly billing creates a holistic fleet overview for better informed business operations 

Manchester, MA, February 8, 2023 (PRNewswire) – Blues, a leader in IIoT technology enabling global connectivity solutions, today announced the launch of several new features for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Notehub, alongside a new subscription-based tier model. These features will include Map View with Journey Tracking, Alerts, Private Connectivity, and Snowflake-Powered Analytics with more valuable features on the way in the near future. 

As more businesses launch global cloud-connected products, enterprises need a suite of tools to help them scale more efficiently. Notehub’s new features are designed to provide an intuitive user experience while offering solutions that enable enterprises to track their connected product’s movements overtime, respond to device or fleet changes with customizable event-driven alerts, and experience end-to-end private connectivity, within a subscription-based model that ensure predictable monthly billing. 

These new subscription-based tiers will coexist with their existing consumption credit-based model, which will be renamed Essentials, giving their customers the ability to completely tailor their Notehub experience.   

“Our mission has always been to help customers digitally transform their physical products and assets into intelligent services quickly and economically,” said Jim Hassman, Blues President and CRO. “The reason anyone invests in connecting products to the cloud is to generate and utilize data from these devices to make informed business decisions. Notehub’s new features and user experience are purely focused on providing industrial-grade intelligence that are timely, valuable, and actionable for device manufactures and operators regardless of industry or use case.”  

Over 800 innovative companies, currently use Blues’ Notehub to explore the vast collection of data and metadata created by the Notecard/Notehub infrastructure. Notehub provides these companies functionality for interacting with Notecards, securely routing data and managing Notecard and host firmware, as well as projects, fleets and teams. 

“Notehub’s new dynamic tracking and customizable event-driven notifications help customers identify and address challenges before they become critical business concerns,” said Hassman. “Coupled with a secure-by-design methodology, the latest Notehub enhancements enable organizations to operate quickly and efficiently in a data-driven world.” 

The updated Notehub features and tiered pricing model are available for customers in Notehub today. To learn more about Blues and its Notehub solution, visit https://blues.com/products/notehub/. 

About Blues 

Blues believes every individual has the power to make a positive impact. Our mission is to transform every physical product into an intelligent service, helping communities and companies to save time and money, and improve the world.   

Blues helps organizations worldwide confidently create reliable and innovative connectivity solutions that deliver measurable value using IIoT-driven data intelligence. Blues’ technology dramatically accelerates the time to market for cloud-connected products by offering a simple, elegant solution to the biggest challenges associated with IIoT connectivity. 

More than 800 organizations worldwide, from non-profits to startups to enterprises, use Blues integrated hardware, software and cloud service IIoT technologies to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and create new revenue streams. Follow Blues on X, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.