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The Key to Reliable Connectivity with Ignion and Blues

Wednesday, August 28 at 12 pm ET /  4 pm GMT (see in my timezone)

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Join Ignion, the global antenna innovator, and Blues for a fireside chat on the keys to developing connected products with reliable, seamless wireless connectivity.

We’ll share tips on how you can match your antenna to your environment, while sharing how these approaches have been used in real-world solutions.

Key insights you won't want to miss:

  • Understand Antenna Selection: Learn  how and why tailoring your antenna to your environment can make or break your connected product. 
  • Matching RAT to Your Environment: Learn how to tailor your radio access technology (RAT) to your environment with the Notecard’s harmonized design that enables you to move freely between cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa. 
  • Real-world Solutions: Discover how the combination of cutting-edge antennas and developer-friendly connectivity modules are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 
  • Unlock the potential: Gain insights into the tangible benefits of this powerful partnership for your IoT projects. 


Alistair Fulton - COO & VP Ecosystem at Blues 

Jaap Groot - CEO at Ignion