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Blues booth visitor interacting with a Prodigy IoT product that connects with the Metaverse

In the months leading up to CES 2023, the Blues team was busy brainstorming and preparing. One day our CRO tossed out an idea:

“What if we had a bunch of our partners and customers join us in our booth?”

Yes! We all agreed this was the perfect way to make Cellular IoT more tangible. Rather than holding up a 30×35 mm System-on-Module and asking people to imagine the infinite possibilities of cloud connectivity, we could point to the visionaries and innovators who had imagined the possibilities and made them reality.

So, as Blues exhibited at the event for the first time, we were joined by an entourage of 11 customers and partners, with everyone showing off their IoT products and telling their stories in an interactive showcase for attendees.

An Interactive Display of IoT Product Development

Guiding visitors through the components and finished products, the booth was organized with Blues products on one side, and products built using Blues products on the other. As one attendee wrote on LinkedIn following the event, it was “Blues with Harmony.”

LinkedIn post reacting to the Blues exhibit and customer showcase at CES 2023

The goal of this was to help those seeking solutions for IoT product development understand two things:

  1. Cellular cloud connectivity doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive
  2. The applications of the Blues Notecard are endless

In 600 square feet of exhibit space, you could tour products from industrial IoT (IIoT) to healthcare technology to consumer electronics to municipal waste solutions – and even get a caffeine buzz at Blues Café, where a barista was slinging lattes.

Barista serves coffee at Blues Café during CES 2023

The following companies were our CES companions at booth #10752 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Their stories and products are all equally impressive and solve unique challenges across industries, and we were lucky enough to get interviews with these innovation leaders to get their insight on product development and specific challenges facing their industries.

We asked them to give us a brief introduction to their company, and here’s what they had to say:

Agilix Health

Agilix Health is redefining the model and delivering improved quality of care for cancer patients through remote health monitoring systems. By connecting to the cloud via a cellular model, the device provides a holistic view on the health of cancer patients between appointments and allows providers to mitigate side effects of treatment.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation

For more than 50 years, American Crane & Equipment Corporation has been a trusted innovator of high-quality specialty lifting equipment. As a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment, along with a variety of parts and components for standard, custom, and nuclear applications, we’re committed to high quality products and customer satisfaction in an industry where there is no room for mistakes.

At American Crane, GRIT Matters: we put perseverance, heart, and integrity into everything we do. That is the core of our culture, and it’s the foundation for the values that drive us to put our people first and delight our customers with the high-quality solutions that make their lives easier.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation interactive IIoT Smart Crane System and Machine Health System as part of the Blues customer showcase at CES 2023.


Brickeye is a leader in Industrial IoT and Data Analytics for risk mitigation in construction and infrastructure management. We empower customers to build and manage their projects safer, smarter, and better. By integrating actionable, real-time data from IoT-enabled sensors and predictive analytics, we enable customers to take immediate action and make better decisions that reduce risk, enhance resiliency, and drive improved performance across their projects and operational assets.

EnTek Systems

EnTek Systems is a leading provider of Electric Utility Demand Response and Building Automation products. We have over 50 years of experience in these markets and provide products with the latest in cellular technologies and highly advanced control algorithms. Our products are used Worldwide to aid Electric Utilities in protecting the grid from localized overloads, allow enhanced opportunities to cell excess power on the grid, and flatten the load curve thus lowering energy costs.

Watch the interview with Entek President, Jean Dillard as she talks about using Blues to provide two-way communication for electric utilities – and shares the piece of advice she would give herself if she could go back in time:

Evexia Telehealth

Evexia’s mission is to remotely monitor and engage isolated patients to reduce their risk of health complications.

  • It is for addressing the deficiency of a healthcare system that financially rewards cures vs prevention.
  • It is for those left behind by technology, financial limitations, and those in areas prone and now subject to natural disasters: Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Native American lands, rural and inner cities.
  • It is for the greater good of communities and those that need it the most.
  • It is a solution that makes sense for governments, NGOs and philanthropists to adopt as it is the simplest to use, and therefore has the lowest possible cost to support.  It works worldwide in any language, as is.

Evexia’s mission is to lower the overall cost of caring for isolated communities with chronic diseases.

And yes, it will work for your grandmother too.

Watch the interview with Evexia’s Founder, Francois Kouthchouk:

Ovyl and Upperline Health

Ovyl helps product businesses break into hardware with a defensible edge. By understanding and solving your business needs and your customer’s needs, we help you deliver devices that delight your customers. Our values-driven team is fully in-house, co-located, and multi-disciplinary to support the fastest and most innovative environment possible for your business.

Upperline Health offers comprehensive treatment of lower extremity injuries and conditions. Their wearable remote patient monitoring solution helps providers proactively treat diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) in patients prior to issues becoming severe and difficult to treat. By providing ongoing monitoring and support, they are addressing complications caused by one of the most common health conditions in the United States.


At Prodigy, we’re more than a product design and development firm—we use the power of client collaboration to bring groundbreaking products to market, faster. By establishing deep working relationships with our clients and drawing on our broad bench of specialized expertise, we are able to create great products more quickly—products that give our customers a competitive advantage. We are proud to deliver one of the industry’s most exceptional client experiences. And we have a strong reputation for creativity and speed. That’s why over 97 percent of our clients return to us again and again.

The result? We have created billions of dollars of value for our clients.  Deep collaboration, speed and our track record of delivering exceptional bottom-line results—these qualities define us and set Prodigy apart.

Here’s what VP of Product Development David Mackenzie had to say about bringing IoT products to life with Blues:

Pulsar Labs

As you build your first IoT product, there are many “firsts”: first prototype, first design, first certification, first customer, first production run, first volume deployment. Each step brings exciting opportunities, also new challenges. Pulsar is helping you build the FIRST.  We specialize in enabling an IoT company to grow from seed stage to series C.  We have helped dozens of IoT companies grow, even becoming a fast-moving unicorn.


Rezzi is focused on building products to fundamentally change the way that waste is collected. At Rezzi, we dream of a future where waste collection is more efficient, transparent, and most importantly – sustainable. In order to address this, we have built SmartCan, a product that addresses one of the main concerns in the waste collection industry – the lack of accurate and actionable data.

SmartCan provides waste haulers and their customers with accurate waste generation data, allowing them to better manage their waste collection programs. Rezzi is a team obsessed with trash and supporting the waste collection industry.

Rezzi displaying their SmartCan technology with Blues at CES 2023.

True Manufacturing

Building A Better Tomorrow: At True, we are not only interested in a leadership role in the commercial refrigeration industry, but also as a leader and model in efficient, responsible manufacturing worldwide. This includes reducing our carbon footprint and being committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing. True is proud to have pioneered R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant. Hydrocarbons have no ozone depleting properties and are over 1300 times better for the environment than HFC refrigerants. True is committed to our green promise as well as continuing to make your world cooler.


Velvetwire is on a mission to help global enterprises protect their high value assets (such as vaccines) by providing data-driven visibility across their manufacturing, asset tracking, and logistics activities.

Here’s what Velvetwire’s CEO Eric Bodnar had to say about the ease and efficiency of working with Blues:

Solving Global Challenges with Smart Products

What Blues is doing is more than about technology, it’s really about people. Technology helps us better understand the state of the environment and help one another. Our customers and partners rely on us to keep their devices connected, so they can provide healthcare to underserved populations, improve municipal waste collection, reduce environmental impact, digitally transform small and midsized businesses, and so much more. Together we’ll continue to address global challenges with Cellular IoT.

Want to learn more about our customers and partners using Blues to disrupt their industries with Cellular IoT? Read a selection of Blues customer stories.

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