Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

Notecard IoT Connectivity to Cover Global Cellular and Wi-Fi

Blues Wireless Extends Notecard IoT Connectivity Product Line to Cover Global Cellular and Wi-Fi, Announces New Product Beta


BEVERLY, Mass., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blues Wireless, a leading provider of embedded wireless solutions, announced the general availability of Notecard Wi-Fi, a new product variant providing Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT devices. Notecard Wi-Fi provides bidirectional, secure communication from edge devices to the customer’s cloud of choice using the 2.4 GHz band, a frequency that’s better for penetrating obstructions. With the availability of Notecard Wi-Fi, developers can now build and deploy applications that rely on Wi-Fi and global cellular connectivity with minimal hardware or firmware changes.

As a company, Blues Wireless is committed to accelerating the IoT journey of its customers by offering a complete suite of wireless connectivity, from cellular to Wi-Fi, and beyond. They put the ‘I’ in IoT. Blues launched the Notecard product line in January of 2021 as a cellular-focused IoT solution. The Notecard is a 30mm by 35mm System on a Module (SoM) device-to-cloud data pump that provides the communication layer between edge devices and customer clouds over global cellular or Wi-Fi. The Notecard product line is designed for IoT workloads where low power consumption is key. Notecard commonly draws 8uA at rest and can be configured to “wake up” key parts of the device based on intervals or device movement to make the most out of energy-efficient designs.


In an era of increasing security concerns, the Notecard embeds industry standard encryption technology to secure data at rest and in transit. Certificates and keys are baked into the Notecard at the time of manufacture, saving administrative effort during deployments. Coupled with the Blues Wireless Notehub, device builders can securely gather, and send device data to their cloud of choice without spending design cycles on connectivity.

Notecard Wi-Fi complements the Notecard line for those customers who predominately deploy cellular-based devices and need a Wi-Fi solution for a portion of the deployment due to local conditions. Customers may swap between Notecard Cellular, and Notecard Wi-Fi with minimal hardware, firmware, or Blues API changes. Notecard Wi-Fi also suits customers who plan to deploy a cellular-based solution but prefer to build their initial proof-of-concept or prototype with Wi-Fi connectivity as a way of exploring Blues Wireless APIs and evaluating the product.

Blues Wireless also announced a beta program for Sparrow, a new product designed for deployments where several devices are located in proximity like an office building, equipment yard, or hospital grounds. Sparrow allows devices to share a backhaul by enabling a LoRa network for devices to communicate. Backhaul is provided by a cellular network or Wi-Fi Notecard. Sparrow will be released and made generally available later in 2022. Blues Wireless is accepting sign-upsfrom those interested in participating in the beta program.

The Wi-Fi notecard is available for purchase from shop.blues.io as a standalone device, or part of a Raspberry Pi or Feather-compatible developer kit for prototype acceleration.

About Blues Wireless
Founded in 2019, Blues Wireless is creating a smarter world by providing an accelerated path to IoT. Notecard, their flagship product, is a highly secure system on a module (SoM) that inexpensively and efficiently connects any device to the cloud. With embedded 10-year global connectivity, developers can break free from the complexity of per-month, per-device cellular subscription management. Enterprise use cases range from simple tracking and remote monitoring to edge analytics and remote control. Blues is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Please connect with Blues at hello@blues.com or visit blues.io for more information.