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Blues expands global coverage with 1NCE IoT connectivity option

Blues expands global coverage with 1NCE IoT connectivity option


  • Blues customers can add extended global coverage to their solutions now using IoT connectivity from 1NCE
  • 1NCE coverage provides future-proof support for Blues customers with global expansion needs beyond those areas bundled with the Notecard product

MANCHESTER, Mass., July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blues, a leader in easy-to-build IoT solutions that improve business operations, reduce costs and decrease time-to-market, announced today it will expand coverage through a partnership with software company 1NCE. 1NCE and Blues are the only companies offering global, lifetime coverage for IoT devices enabling enterprises to develop solutions to challenges facing markets from clean energy to manufacturing to health care.

1NCE extends the existing cellular coverage of Blues’ Notecard, an easy-to-integrate wireless IoT module. 1NCE’s coverage of 158 countries and regions adds to the 140 countries already covered by Blues’ Notecard product, giving enterprise customers the ability to deploy IoT connected products at a greater global scale.

“Our partnership with 1NCE extends our customers’ IoT coverage to support testing and product deployments around the world,” says Jim Hassman, Blues President and CRO. “Blues customers use our Notecard to tackle important missions, from monitoring air quality to reducing food waste. Together, 1NCE and Blues support our customers’ ingenuity with our joint commitment to simplicity, enterprise-grade reliability and scalability in the cloud.”

Notecard affordably and securely connects customer products to the cloud without the burden of cell plans, fees or complex device setup and provisioning. It works seamlessly with Notehub to securely route data from a customer’s products to their cloud application of choice.

Notecard’s firmware supports failover to a secondary SIM for uninterrupted connectivity, so customers can leverage 1NCE for reliable Notecard coverage within previously underserved regions. APIs, libraries, documentation, source code, open hardware designs and community simplify the low code engineer and developer experience as they progress from prototype to pilot to production.

“Blues has one of the best IoT solutions in the market, and we see eye-to-eye on the need for global connectivity that’s bundled upfront and included in a customer’s device. Partnering with Blues will allow us to do what we do best: making it easy for customers to collect data anywhere in the world by turning connectivity into a nearly invisible part of the IoT value chain,” said Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer, 1NCE.

For more about how Blues currently serves Enterprise customers, please visit Blues use cases, here: Enterprise Industrial IOT Use Cases | Blues and Blues case studies, here: Cellular & Wi-Fi IOT Customer Success Stories | Blues.

About Blues
We believe every individual has the power to make a positive impact. Our mission: to empower innovation by making connectivity easy – for organizations of all sizes, their customers, and the environment.

Blues helps businesses and governments worldwide confidently create reliable and innovative connectivity solutions that deliver measurable value using IoT-driven data intelligence. With Blues, customers can easily send and receive information to and from any device, anywhere, and at any time, improving business operations while reducing costs. Blues flagship products, Notecard and Notehub, solve the biggest challenges associated with IoT connectivity, making it easy to securely cloud-connect any physical product.

More than 800 organizations worldwide, from non-profits to startups to enterprises, use Blues integrated hardware, software and cloud service IoT technologies to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and create new revenue streams. Follow Blues TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

About 1NCE
1NCE is the only software and connectivity company providing a lifetime license for IoT at a global flat rate. Our mission is to deliver true cross-border, future-proof IoT without uncertainty or hassle over the lifetime of a device. In 158 countries, 1NCE turns connectivity into electricity ready for consumption – opening the world of IoT to innovators who will dramatically improve the environment, cities, healthcare, public safety, the supply chain, and more. Learn more online and follow 1NCE on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.