Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

Meet the World’s First Wireless Cloud Data Pump

Blues leverages our Notecard and Notehub to package everything needed to build intelligent products into an elegant ecosystem. 

The Notecard

A device that combines out-of-the-box wireless connectivity, low-power design, and market-leading security into a System-on-Module.

Our Notecard offering covers the full spectrum of connectivity technologies from Cellular to Wi-Fi (including a Cell+WiFi module), LoRa, and Satellite, all utilizing the same form factor and set of APIs. 


Notehub is our cloud orchestration layer that facilitates seamless bi-directional data routing from any Notecard to any cloud application. 

It provides a comprehensive solution for streamlined fleet management at any scale with features such as remote management, event-driven alerts, advanced analytics, over-the-air host firmware updates, and device tracking capabilities.

How it Works


Add the Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Configure all Notecards with the same plug-and-play hardware and firmware interface.


With Notehub, enjoy secure bi-directional data flow between your device and your cloud app.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear What Our Customers Had to Say

I like working with Blues because it solves several very important problems for me that I no longer have to worry about.

Danny Wilson

Founder & CEO of Geocene

By using the Blues platform, we saved about 12 months of R&D time, getting us to market about a year sooner.

Jamie Fox

Director, Technology & CRM at Tekion

Transform Your Products into Data-Driven Services with Blues

To succeed today and get ahead of tomorrow, businesses need to transform into data-driven “as a service” providers by capturing their product’s data and routing it to the cloud, where it can be packaged into valuable service offerings.
Here are just a few of the benefits of developing a connected product:

Create new recurring revenue streams by transforming your product’s data into valuable service offerings.

Attract and retain customers by arming them with cutting-edge tools to enhance operational efficiency.

Gain insight into your product to improve performance and drive innovation.

Capture untapped data points for more informed decision-making.

Ready to Start Building Your Connected Product?