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cockpit view of instruments in a video game airplane

Aircraft are fitted with a wide-variety of avionics, ranging from the familiar dials and gauges (called a “six-pack”) to modern glass cockpits where screens have replaced the dials and gauges.

video game airplane cockpit

Most avionic systems, including the Garmin G1000 shown above, record flight data and log it to an SD card. What these systems don’t do is provide a way to visualize your data, or to send it to the cloud for further analysis.

Michael Ihdes wanted to change that, so he built OpenSync, a project that provides pilots with automated flight logs, as well as warnings for significant flight and/or engine deviations through post flight e-mails.

An example of the email report that OpenSync sends

The project reads data from the SD card periodically, and sends a summary of the log to Notehub at the end of each flight. From there, Michael uses Notehub to route the data to a service that sends automated emails, as well as a service that can analyze the data to look for potential problems.

The whole writeup provides full details, and is great look at what you can do with the Notecard and Notehub. Read Michael’s full article on Hackster to learn more.

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