Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

We talk a lot about the “design” and “prototype” phases of IoT development. For example: What’s it like to get started with cellular IoT? How do you securely transfer your first set of sensor data to a big cloud or an IoT-optimized platform? How do you build out a simple cloud dashboard?

These are important questions to answer, but we don’t talk enough about considerations when your deployment needs to scale.

New issues may appear when you start scaling from 1 to 100 devices (or from 100 to 10,000):

  • How does my cloud platform/dashboard scale as devices are added?
  • How do I programmatically access device data through RESTful APIs?
  • How do I manage device fleets (not to mention bulk firmware updates)?

In this webinar, we looked to answer these questions (or at least provide some high level guidance) through the lens of the Blues Wireless cloud service, Notehub.io, and a modern IoT platform focused on programmable APIs and scalability, Qubitro. Watch at your convenience on YouTube:

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