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Starnote: The Final Frontier
Building with Satellite IoT using Blues and Skylo

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Just like the USS Enterprise, space is the final frontier for the IoT! Long seen as an (expensive) panacea for wireless communications, only recently has satellite become a realistic option for consumer-grade IoT. Enter the Blues Starnote and Skylo Technologies.

Starnote is a cost-effective satellite module, unique in including bundled data and transparent pricing with no monthly device fees and no monthly minimum usage requirements. Starnote also offers the same streamlined developer experience as the cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa Notecards.

What enables Starnote's flexibility? That would be Skylo, a leading satellite network provider that offers 3GPP Rel-17-based connectivity. Skylo's network currently covers 15.3 million square miles including most of the US, Canada, and Europe - and soon will cover Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and much of South East Asia, including near-shore areas of all supported regions.

Join us on Wednesday, May 29th at 11:00 AM EDT, when we look at Starnote from the product designer/developer perspective. Experts from Blues and Skylo will cover:

  1. A high-level introduction to satellite connectivity.
  2. How to integrate Starnote into your product.
  3. Tips for building a data-efficient solution with Starnote.

Can't make it? Register anyway and we'll send you the recording!


satender yadav

Satender Yadav - Director of Sales Engineering at Skylo

rob lauer

Rob Lauer - Senior Director of Developer Relations at Blues

tj vantoll

TJ Van Toll - Principal Developer Advocate at Blues

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