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Create an Edge ML Solution with ST and Blues

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The infectious buzzword soup of ML, TinyML, AI, and AIoT has us all thinking of ways to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into our products. And thanks to companies like Edge Impulse and ST, the reality of deploying little devices that can actually learn and process data on the edge is closer than ever.

ST specifically is pushing forward with a relatively new software offering called NanoEdge AI Studio. Like Edge Impulse, NanoEdge AI Studio doesn’t require operation by a Data Scientist, but rather any developer can use the user-friendly UI to create ML solutions with anomaly detection, outlier detection, classification, and regression libraries.

But creating a model and deploying it on the edge is one thing, it’s another to sync that data with the cloud and visualize it. That’s where Blues comes in. Using the Cellular, Wi-Fi, and LoRa offerings from Blues, we will show off not only how to create an ML model with NanoEdge AI Studio, we will also show how to securely sync generated inferences with the cloud.

Join us on Wednesday, March 20th at 11:00 AM EST where the Blues experts will walk you through this process by building an anomaly detection model, deploying it to an STM32-based host, and sending data to the cloud in about 30 minutes!

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rob lauer

Rob Lauer - Senior Director of Developer Relations at Blues

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