Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

Faster Deployment, Lower Costs

Experience the Starnote Advantage

Fast-Track Your Time to Market

Pre-provisioned satellite connectivity, effortless data routing, low code technology, and unmatched JSON API reduce your time to market from years to months.

Harmonized Wireless Architecture

Unify your connected solutions across Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Satellite with minimal hardware or software design modifications when moving between them.

Integrated Data Package

Each Starnote device includes 18KB of data, which is enough to transmit a 50-byte message once a day for about a year, ensuring predictable hardware and service costs.*

Backup Connectivity 

Starnote works in partnership with any Cellular, Cell+WiFi, or WiFi Notecard to provide backup connectivity that automatically fails over when the Notecard’s network coverage is disrupted.

Cost-Effective Hardware

At just $49, Starnote is a cost-effective way to add backup satellite connectivity to your Notecard-based solution.

No Per Device Subscription Fees… Ever 

The only satellite offering without a monthly fee for each active device.

*Subject to message and data constraints

Tailormade for Global Industries

There’s no limit to what you can build with Starnote, but here are a few industries ideally suited to integrate Starnote into their products:

*Devices must be deployed in areas covered by Skylo’s network 

An Integrated Module for Satellite Backup Connectivity

JSON-based API for configuration from and communication with the Notecard

M.2 Key E connector for board-to-board usage and a six-pin JST for wire-to-board applications

Available with onboard satellite and GPS antennas or external via u.FL connectors

NTN-capable satellite modem with zero-touch configuration

Includes coverage and data from Skylo with no fees or monthly minimums

How it Works


Add the Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Configure all Notecards–whether cellular or LoRa–with the same plug-and-play hardware interface and JSON firmware interface.


With Notehub, enjoy secure bidirectional data flow between your device and your cloud app.

Hear Why Our Customers Build with Blues

I like working with Blues because it solves several very important problems for me that I no longer have to worry about.

Danny Wilson

Founder & CEO of Geocene

By using the Blues platform, we saved about 12 months of R&D time, getting us to market about a year sooner.

Jamie Fox

Director, Technology & CRM at Tekion