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The Notecard WiFi Chips Edition

Scale Your Project with a Compact and Affordable Connected Device

Simplified Development

With our plug-and-play JSON interface, you can stand up your application in hours, not weeks

Complete Control with Notehub

Notehub is our cloud orchestration layer that makes it easy to route data to the cloud, quickly provision devices at scale, and manage all your assets

Built on the Blues Ecosystem
Start prototyping with our M.2 edge-connected Notecards. Then, move to full-scale production using a Chips Edition Notecard without significant software changes
Industry Leading Security

The Notecard features robust security through encrypted “off the internet” communications and pre-loaded certificates for device authentication through our integrated secure element

Precise Wi-Fi Location Tracking
Our Wi-Fi triangulation feature lets you determine a device's location, even when indoors, with as little as a single access point

JSON- and SoftAP-based provisioning support

Onboard ultra-low power ESP32 MCU with 8MB flash

Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 2.4 Ghz b/g/n

An available 2mm x 3mm secure element with embedded keys and certificates

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Hear What Our Customers Had to Say

By offloading the complexity of moving sensor data over cellular networks, we get to market faster and there is less that can go wrong.

Francois Koutchouk

Founder, Evexia Telehealth

The Blues Wireless API schema definition using JSON for structured and unstructured data packets allow us to build a robust and scalable platform independent code base that follows good software design paradigms.

Alex Fosdick

Sr Embedded Software Eng, Smart Coffee Technology

The Blues Wireless Notecard is a game changer for IIoT-enabled companies that need global connectivity to intelligent assets in motion.

Eric Bodnar

Founder and CTO, Velvetwire