Our most popular Notecard got an update. Learn more about the new Notecard Cellular.

IoT Connectivity
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Just send JSON over I2C or UART, it's so simple.

Graphic of Notehub portion of the Blue Wireless program flow.
Graphic of Notehub portion of the Blue Wireless program flow.

Simplify Your Security Audit

Graphic of Notehub portion of the Blue Wireless program flow.

The Blues Wireless System

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Control Data Visibility From Edge to Cloud

3 Steps to IoT Device Connectivity


Add Blues Wireless Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Our simple JSON interface allows you to connect and send data with 2 commands.


With Blues Wireless Notehub, enjoy secure, bidirectional data flow between your device and your cloud app.

Built by Engineers for Engineers

Notecard with dimensions
  • Quickly connect via I2C or UART for easy integration on existing, or new device designs
  • Compatible with 3.3v and 1.8v systems
  • Onboard cryptographic element and built-in with factory-installed ECC P-384 certificate

Solution Components

An integrated, Low-Power Cellular Data Pump

Embedded SIM with pre-provisioned network access

Onboard ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®‐M4 MCU with 2MB Flash

High-performance 3-axis accelerometer and temp sensor
Regulator ensures consistent draw over battery, solar, or USB
High-performance cellular and GNSS/GPS module
Secure element with embedded keys and certificates

How to Evaluate Blues Wireless in 30 Minutes or Less

With Blues Wireless, you'll never worry about monthly or consumption fees.
Each billing account is refreshed to 5,000 credits each month with the ability to purchase more.


You can pick a starter kit based on ESP32, Raspberry Pi, or our own feather-compatible microcontroller Swan.


Plug the Notecard into the provided Notecarrier, then connect to your existing hardware.


Follow along with our quickstart. In 30 minutes, you'll have a device connected to the global cellular data network, and data flowing from device to cloud, and back to device again.


  • Feather kit and Swan kit contain MCUs. If you want our Raspberry Pi kit, you'll need your own Pi.
  • Swan lets you write code in C/C++, Arduino, and CircuitPython. It's also a powerful MCU and ready to run on edge-based machine learning like Edge Impulse. We have a guide for that.

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