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Friendly Cellular IoT. Finally!

Top 6 Reasons To Pick Blues Wireless

  1. Freedom from subscriptions, contracts, and monthly per-device fees
  2. Prepaid Cellular Data - 500MB usable over 10 year (adding more is easy and inexpensive)
  3. Cellular connectivity in 137+ Countries
  4. Complete device-to-your-cloud data flow in both directions
  5. Scalable to millions of devices
  6. Use your preferred microcontrollers, hardware, and cloud vendors

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What You'll Pay

Pay a one-time cost of $50-70 per connected device and get:

  • 500MB of prepaid cellular IoT data usable over 10 years
  • Enough API requests to send data 50 times per day to your cloud app or database without ever paying us another dime
  • Add more data or requests anytime, it's easy and inexpensive

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3 Steps To Cellular IoT


Add Blues Wireless Notecard to your product with your preferred hardware.


Our simple JSON interface allows you to connect and send data with 2 commands.


With Blues Wireless Notehub, enjoy secure, bidirectional data flow between your device and your cloud app.


What our customers say

Blues is 'full stack' done right. They have a complete solution designed from the ground up to promote creativity by allowing developers to focus on their application instead of the plumbing.

Francois Koutchouk

Founder, Evexia Telehealth

The Blues Wireless API schema definition using JSON for structured and unstructured data packets allow us to build a robust and scalable platform independent code base that follows good software design paradigms.

Alex Fosdick

Sr Embedded Software Eng, Smart Coffee Technology

The Blues Wireless Notecard is a game changer for IIoT-enabled companies that need global connectivity to intelligent assets in motion.

Eric Bodnar

Founder and CTO, Velvetwire

Solution Components

Feather development starter kit


Plugs into your product. Provides product to cloud cellular connection.

Top Features:

  • Out-of-the-box cellular connectivity, with network provisioning
  • International coverage (135+ countries)
  • Secure and reliable
  • Small form factor
  • Fits both new and existing physical products
  • Predictable pricing model
  • Onboard M.2 Key E connector
Feather development starter kit


Securely route Notecard-provided data to any cloud application, public or private.

Top Features:

  • Securely route Notecard-provided data to any cloud application
  • Optimize data payloads on the fly
  • Organize and manage fleets of Notecard devices
  • Over-the-air host MCU and Notecard firmware updates
  • Automatic certificate management and device provisioning


Feather development starter kit


Optional companion project boards for fast prototypes and deployments.

Top Features:

  • Use any microcontroller or single-board computer
  • Easy integration to your existing IoT solution
  • Available onboard embedded cellular/Wi-Fi and GPS antennas
  • Available power connections for AA batteries, LiPo, solar, or micro-USB

How Blues Wireless Provides The Best Time-To-Market

There are many ways to build IoT projects. The Blues Wireless way contains everything you need for Cellular or WiFi connectivity out of the box. You can go from unboxing our product to sending arbitrary sensor data over the cellular network right to your cloud application in 30 minutes or less.

The Blues Wireless integrated approach gives you stability with flexibility. All Blues Wireless hardware is precertified for PTCRB and FCC. Our integrated approach is repeatable and scalable to millions of devices while giving you the flexibility to bring your own MCU or hardware architecture. Take your end product to market in less than 6 months.

Blues Wireless Alternatives - Quectel or Ublox

Some customers choose to build their product from the ground up with a cellular modem or module from Quectel or UBlox. This approach often requires more custom development upfront, and more production support over time, simply because the onus is on your team to solve a larger quantity of problems.

Because Blues Wireless provides a fully integrated package, you'll have a bi-directional connection over the cellular network from your device to your chosen cloud apps by integrating our Notecard onto your device, then configuring the route to your cloud app with our Notehub application.

Blues Wireless Alternatives - Hologram or Kore Wireless

If you choose the build-it-yourself path, you'll need to procure a SIM for each device you want to be connected to the cellular network. Popular SIM vendors include Hologram or Kore Wireless. Additionally, you'll also need to procure a cellular module containing a cellular modem.

Blues Wireless provides an out-of-the-box module with a cellular modem, SIM, cryptography, accelerometer, and GPS/GNSS components integrated. This means you can avoid selecting, procuring, integrating, and supporting the lower-level components, giving you more time back in your design cycles.

Blues Wireless Alternatives - Particle

Some customers prefer to use more integrated cellular IoT solutions like those provided by Particle provides a full solution but some customers prefer to purchase IoT connectivity without contracts, subscription prices, or even per-device monthly fees.

The Blues Wireless model provides full capability, including prepaid cellular data, without needing to sign a contract or pay either subscription or per-device monthly fees. Our approach is often easier for customers to adopt and sustain.

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