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In today’s volatile economy, having the ability to control costs is more important than ever before. From the very beginning, Blues Wireless has been dedicated to removing the complexity from IoT device connectivity. We provide data and routing services that support the full product lifecycle from prototyping to production. Our industry-disrupting pricing model also makes it easier to manage your device or fleet of devices, and your pricing plan is quickly and easily scaled with your project.

What Changed?

To further simplify pricing for our customers, Blues is eliminating individual Notehub project fees. Going forward, customers can have unlimited users and projects in Notehub at no cost. Blues is also eliminating fees paid monthly in arrears for the use of Notehub services. Going forward, Customer’s Notehub accounts will use consumption credits that customers can pre-purchase with volume discounting to use how they want, when they want with no expiration.

Consumption Credits

What are Consumption Credits?

Consumption Credits are a monetary unit equivalent used to pay for the usage of services performed through Notehub, such as routing events.

Customer’s Notehub Billing Accounts will be loaded with 5,000 Consumption Credits for each Notecard purchased and activated. In addition, each Notehub Billing Account will be refreshed to 5,000 Consumption Credits each month if the balance is lower than 5,000. The usage of Consumption Credits will vary depending on the frequency of your data transmission as well as your required services. Additional credits can be purchased, with volume discounts available.

Services that use Consumption Credits are outlined in the chart below:

Various consumption credit-based services and how much they cost

Custom Enterprise Options

Going forward, there are only two plan options – Standard and Enterprise. Every customer receives the features included in the Standard Plan, and Enterprise customers can work with our team to customize a plan from the Enterprise Options.

The pricing plan comparison chart below outlines details on our Standard Plan and Enterprise Options:

Standard Plan versus Enterprise Plan options

Volume Discounts

For customers who need additional Consumption Credits beyond those provided with each Notecard and the monthly refresh, we offer discount tiers based on bulk purchases to meet your consumption needs. Price breaks begin at 25% for 1 million credits and steps all the way up to 80% for 100 million.

Consumption credit quantity purchases and the discounts associated with larger amounts of credits

Learn More

These features are designed to simplify managing your IoT fleet and costs. Please feel free to reach out with your questions and comments on our consumption-based pricing model. Find more on Blues Wireless pricing at or contact our team of experts to start creating the best plan for your Enterprise.

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